Lessing, Doris.


Re. Colonised Planet 5. Personal, Psychological, Historical Documents relating to Visit by Johor (George Sherban). Emissary (Grade 9). 87th of the Period of the Last Days. [With] THE MARRIAGES BETWEEN ZONES THREE, FOUR, AND FIVE. (As Narrated by the Chroniclers of Zone Three). [With] THE SIRIAN EXPERIMENTS. The Report by Ambien II, of the Five. [With] THE MAKING OF THE REPRESENTATIVE FOR PLANET 8. [With] DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE SENTIMENTAL AGENTS IN THE VOLYEN EMPIRE. Jonathan Cape 1979-83.
1st Eds. 5 vols. Top edge of leaves to vol. 5 blue with colour occasionally seeping onto inner margins, otherwise good in d/w. Canopus in Argos: Archive series.
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