Jenkins Mate, Robert.


Log One: REMARKS RE H.M.S DIDO [Captain The Hon. Keppel]. Commencing Thursday October 24th 1844 from Penang recording the passage to Sheerness via the Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, Ascension and the Channel arriving February 1st 1845, the Log ending Wednesday 12th. 51pp. Written in neat legible hand, with the usual records relating to navigation and weather and detailed remarks dealing with nautical matters, ship repairs and upkeep, distribution of rations, passing ships, punishments and deaths, inspections, ‘’Punished Charles Colly Lord and Supernumerary with 24 lashes for quarrling and fighting ...’ ‘Fired 5 guns at interval for a pilot’, ‘received fresh beef and vegetables ...’ ’employed variously about the rigging and watering ...’ ‘received sugar tea and soft bread purchased’ ‘Departed this life John Johnson Invalid late of HMS Driver? ... committed the body of the deceased to the deep ... ’ ‘A.M. lost by the neglect of James Mitton (AB) Hammocks ... and by the neglect of Geo Arnor ... charged the same against their wages ....’ ‘carpenters making a new hatchway gating’, ‘scrubbed hammocks and washed clothes’, ‘Performed divine service’, ‘Exchanged Colors and Numbers with the English ship ‘Manlius’, ‘Surveying officers from HMS Winchester came on board and inspected worn sails and Running gear ... inspected twenty casks of peas complained as being hard and indigestible. Condemned and returned them into store ...’, ‘Discharged Mr H M Comber ...and M Hurley for a passage to England ...’ Punished Edward Puge ? AB With 30 lashes for drunkeness ...’ ‘disrated Wm. Carrigan Captain ... for drunkeness and mutinous conduct ..’ Log Two: OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF H.M.S. HIBERNIA Bearing the Flag of Vice Admiral Sir William Parker, Bart, GCB. Peter Richards C.B. Captain. Commencing April 3rd 1845 At Portsmouth Ending June 3rd 1847 at Gibraltar. c.100pp. Written in the same legible hand, again with the usual records relating to navigation and weather. Detailed remarks including considerable information regarding the process of preparing the ship for sea. Recording in considerable detail the process of preparing the ship for sea. The Ship is scraped, painted virtually rebuilt and loaded with necessary stores over a period of a little over three months. Noting the arrival of officers and crew, naming many (with the exception of the Ordinary Seaman), ‘received two seamen from HMS St Vincent, Recording the arrival and departure of other naval vessels ‘HMB Nautilius went out of harbour’ ‘HMSO Medea came into harbor’. The visits of Queen Victoria and other members of the Royal family to Portsmouth ‘His Royal Highness Prince Albert arrived at the Royal Clarence yard and Embarked on board’., HMSO Lightning came into harbor having on board Her Majesty Queen Victoria, His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Prince of Wales and Princess Royal who landed at the Clarence yard’. The Hibernia sailed in July 20th for her base at Valetta Harbour, Malta. based there from late August until March 1846 noting Harbor traffic HMS Jackal and Bloodhound went into Quarentine Harbor’, daily actitivities ‘. Whilst docked there receiving visits from several notable persons ‘saluted the Russian? and Sardinian consuls’, details of disciplinary actions, ‘Lost through the nefarious conduct of Wm. Smith, Pursers Howard ... 22 lbs of fresh beef and charged it to their wages ...’, ‘Mr Gilbert Elliot was reprimanded by the Captain on the Quarter deck for insolent and highly insubordinate conduct to the officer of the watch’, ‘punished Thos. Hunt (RM) with 36 lashes for diobedience of orders ... Jas Williams and Ed. Williams with 24 lashes each for desertion ...’. And of course many remarks relating of usual daily occurences ‘Wm Anger boy 2nd class fell from Main Topmast rigging into a boat alongside He dies ...Coroner came on board and held an inquest ...’ Sailing out on at the end of March 1846 Hibernia sailed for the eastern Mediterranean and on April 19th anchored off Gallipoli. She remained there for about a month, returning to Gibraltar where Jenkins leaves.
Light browning, contemporary half leather with marbled boards, minor wear to boards and extremities. HMS Hibernia (1804) was a 110-gun first rate launched in 1804. She became the base flagship at Malta in 1855, and was broken up in 1902.
£2,500.00 [ref: 273381] enquire