Shirreff, Jack and Betteridge, Alvin (Editors).


Southampton Print Collection. Printed and published by Southampton College of Higher Education Faculty of Art and Design June 1979.
Collection of prints, as per 24 listed EXCEPT lacking print by Alvin Betteridge, lacking print by James Sellars; with a print by John Bunday, and with an additional print by Jack Shirreff. Thus 24 prints in total. [iv]pp t.p. and listing. Each print enclosed in colour folded wrapp., enclosed in three flap fall back box, secured with pegs. From the Library of James Sellars (1927-2000) Painter, Printmaker, Teacher (of amongst others Graham Stuart Ovenden ‘one of his most important teachers was James Sellars, an expert on Samuel Palmer’), expert on and Author of works on Samuel Palmer. No. 22 of a Limited Edition of 26, signed By Shireff and Betteridge. Collection of original prints comprising: Photographic study ‘einsam Keit 1-6 [Loneliness]’ in black and white 29 x 29cm. Signed by Brian Bishop; Photographic study [Of a doll] in black and white 30 x 40cm 16/30 signed by Colin Breckenridge; A linocut in black and white, 38 x 29cm 15/30 signed by John Bunday (not included in the list of Contributors); ‘Shamans Delight’ in black and white 22 x 25cm 17/26 signed by J.M. Butterworth; ‘Kingù’ in black and white 29 x 38cm 5/30 signed by Michael Cassin; Lithographic abstract print in red 29 x 39cm signed C M C by Catriona Christison; Orpheus & Andromache in black and white 29 x 40cm 23/26 signed by Brian Coffey ‘79; Abstract print in black and white 23 x 37cm 8/45 by signed Brian Elwell; ‘Many the Memories of My Happy Life’ in sepia 26 x 39cm 10/45 signed by Peter L. Folkes; Untitled photographic study in black and white 29 x 21cm ink printed name only by Raymond Galbraith; Double untitled print in green and black 30 x 39cm 20/33 signed by Sydney Greenwood; [Field of Corn linocut?] in brown 38 x 29cm 17/35 signed by Anne Hayward; [Woman brushing her hair linocut?] in brown 29 x 39cm 11/50 Signed by Richard Hayward; ‘Seaside’ in black and white 22 x 23cm 11/26 signed by Wendy Holt; ‘floret pratum, Sol serenat omnia’ [flowers fill the meadows, the sun brightens everything] in black and white 29 x 39cm 20/30 signed A Hunt; ‘Sunburst II’ in black and white 28 x 39cm 15/26 signed A[ndrew] M. Montgomery; Abstract Untitled in black and white 20 x 20cm 17/30 signed by Peter Podmore; Abstract untitled in black and brown 29 x 39cm 5/30 Signed [Jack] Shirreff; Abstract untitled in brown 29 x 39cm 23/30 Signed [Jack] Shirreff; Untitled expressionist landscape colour 29 x 38cm 14/35 Signed H[arry] S[ida]; ‘Transitions I’ in cream, 29 x 39cm 23/26 by Bruce Tattersall (Art Historian); ‘Freeman in a boat’ colour 39 x 29cm 5/28 Signed Michael Ward; Linocut ’Chums’ in black white and pink 29 x 39cm 17/30 signed Duncan Webb; Photographic study untitled in black and white 38 x 29cm 10/26 signed by S.H. Woods;
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