[Wade, John].


or Corruption Umasked! Being an Account of Places, Penisons, and Sinecures, the Revenues of the Clergy and Landed Aristocracy; The Revenues of the Clergy and Landed Aristocracy; The Salaries and Emoluments in Courts of Justice and the Police Department; the Expenditure of the Civil List: The Amount and Application of the Droits of the Crown and Admiralty ... John Fairburn ... 1820.
1st Ed. in bookform. [iv] + 480pp. Some light browning, rebound in modern gilt rule edged calf, gilt ruling and lettering to spine. John Wade (1788–1875), radical author. ODNB ‘... chiefly notable for his compilation of several versions of The Black Book, or, Corruption Unmasked! (first published in cheap instalments in 1819, in book form the following year, then in a supplement in 1823, and in revised editions in 1831, 1832, and 1835), of which over 50,000 copies were sold. Its pages formed a far more accessible utilitarian critique of élite parasitism than anything to be found in the writings of his hero, Jeremy Bentham. The point behind this thick compendium was to draw attention to every conceivable abuse within the ‘borough-mongering system’. Singling out the alleged depredations of church pluralists, government sinecurists, aristocratic pensioners, and virtually anyone else connected to the political power structure through money or interest, Wade sought to convince his readers that the only way to transform the central administration from a tax-plundering instrument of the well connected to an instrument of the people's will was through radical parliamentary reform ....’
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