Royal Society


Giving Some Account of the Present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the Ingenious, in Many Considerable Parts of the World. EXTRACT from Vol. LXVII Part I. ... 1778.
1st Ed. Sm. 4to. Disbound, without stitching, sl. stained and lightly browned. Article comprises X. A letter from Mr. Peter Wargentin, F.R.S. Secretary to the Royal Academy of Sciences at Stockholm, to the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, B.D. F.R.s. and Astronomer Royal; concerning the difference of longitude of the Royal Observatories at Paris and Greenwich, resulting from the eclipses of Jupiter's first satellites, observed during the last ten years: to which is added, a comparative table of the corresponding observations of the first satellite, made in the principal observatories; And one incomplete paper.
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