Royal Society


Giving Some Account of the Present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the Ingenious, in Many Considerable Parts of the World. EXTRACT from Vol. LXV Part I. ... 1775.
1st Ed. Sm. 4to. pp.(91-165). Disbound, without stitching, sl. stained and lightly browned. Article comprises IX. Experiments on a new colouring substance from the island of Amsterdam in the South Sea. Made by Mr. Peter Woulfe, F. R. S. at the desire of Sir John Pringle; X. Experiments and observations on the gymnotus electricus, or electric eel by Hugh Williamson Communicated by John Walsh; XI. An account of the gymnotus electricus, or electrical eel. In a letter from Alexander Garden, M.D. F. R. S. to John Ellis; XII. Experiments and observations in an heated room by Charles Blagden; G & M 590; XIII. The supposed effect of boiling upon water, in disposing it to freeze more readily, ascertained by experiments. By Joseph Black, M.D. Professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh, in a letter to Sir John Pringle; Experiments on the dipping needle, made by desire of the Royal Society, by Thomas Hutchins; A meteorological journal for the year 1774 kept at the Royal Society's house, by order of the President and Council.
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