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Giving Some Account of the Present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the Ingenious, in Many Considerable Parts of the World. EXTRACT from Vol. LV For the Year 1765. ... 1766.
1st Ed. Sm. 4to. pp.(91-142). 1 folding plate. Disbound, without stitching and in two portions, sl. stained and lightly browned. Articles comprise XV. A catalogue of the fifty plants from Chelsea Garden, presented to the Royal Society by the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, for the year 1764, pursuant to the direction of Sir Hans Sloane; XVI. A course of experiments to ascertain the specific buoyancy of cork in different waters: The respective weights and buoyancy of salt water and fresh water: And for determining the exact weight of human and other bodies in fluids by John Wilkinson; XVII. An account of the disease, called ergot, in French, from its supposed cause, viz. vitiated rye. In a letter from Dr. Tissot, of Lausanne, to George Baker, M.D. F. R. S. Communicated in a letter from Dr. Baker to the Rev. Thomas Birch; XVIII. Observations for settling the proportion, which the decrease of heat bears to the height of situation. Extracted from a letter of Thomas Heberden, M.D. F. R. S. to William Heberden; XIX. An account of a stone voided without help from the bladder of a woman at Bury by J. Steward and R. Hasted; J. Steward and R. Hasted; XX. A letter from John Bevis, M.D. to the Rev. Thomas Birch, D.D. Secretary to the Royal Society; containing astronomical observations, made at Vienna, by the Rev. Father Joseph Liesganig; XXI. An account of the case of a supposed hydrophobia: In a letter to the Rev. Thomas Birch, D.D. Secretary to the Royal Society, from the Right Honourable James Earl of Morton.
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