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Giving Some Account of the Present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the Ingenious, in Many Considerable Parts of the World. EXTRACT from Vol. LIII For the Year 1763 ... 1764.
1st Ed. Sm. 4to. pp.(201-230). Disbound, without stitching, sl. stained and lightly browned. Article comprises XXXIII. An account of an earthquake in Siberia: In a letter from Mons. Weymarn to Dr. Mounsey, Principal Physician of the Emperor of Russia, F. R. S. Translated from the French. Communicated by Mr. Henry Baker; Roman inscriptions at Tunis in Africa, copied about the year 1730. By Dr. Carilos, a native of Madrid, then Physician to the Bey of Tunis, communicated by John Locke,; XXXV. A letter from Mr. George Edwards, F. R. S. to Thomas Birch D. D. Secret. R. S. concerning an observation made by him in Opticks.
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