Cornish, Vaughan.


ON DESERT SAND-DUNES BORDERING THE NILE DELTA. [Bound with]. ON SAND-WAVES IN TIDAL CURRENTS. [Bound with]. ON THE FORMATION OF WAVE SURFACES IN SAND. [Bound with] ON THE DIMENSIONS OF DEEP-SEA WAVES and Their Relation to Meteorological and Geographical Conditions. [Bound with]. PROGRESSIVE WAVES IN RIVERS. [Bound with]. THE JAMAICA EARTHQUAKE (1907). [Bound with] .WIND-WAVES IN WATER, SAND, SNOW AND CLOUD. [Bound with]. THE PANAMA CANAL IN 1908. [Bound with]. ON THE CAUSE OF THE JAMAICA EARTHQUAKE OF JANUARY 14, 1907. [Bound with]. The Cantor Lectures. [Bound with]. THE PANAMA CANAL AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF LANDSLIDES. [Bound with]. THE CONDITION AND PROSPECTS OF THE PANAMA CANAL. [Bound with]. THE GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. [Bound with]. THE GEOGRAPHICAL ASPECT OF EUGENICS. [Bound with]. OBSERVATIONS OF WIND, WAVE, AND SWELL ON THE NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN. [Bound with] THE GROUPING OF FORMS IN NATURAL SCENERY. [Bound with] WAVES IN GRANULAR MATERIAL FORMED AN PROPELLED BY WINDS AND CURRENTS. [Bound with] HARMONIES OF SCENERY, An Outline of Æsthetic Geography. [Bound with[] AN ADDRESS. [Bound with] THE SCENIC AMENITY OF GREAT BRITAIN. [Bound with], ON TIDAL BORES Which Assume the Form of a Group of Short Waves. [Bound with] THE SCENIC AMENITY OF SOUTH-EASTERN ENGLAND. [Bound with]. BOSNIA The Borderland of Serb and Croat. [Bound with] APPARENT MAGNITUDE IN NATURAL SCENERY. [Bound with]. THE FARM ABOVE THE CLIFF. [Bound with]. A PROPOSAL that the Crown Lands Situated between Camberley, Bracknell and Ascot shall be Maintained as a Royal Park ... [Bound with] THE SLAVS OF THE WESTERN CHURCH. (1900-1939).
Ills., maps. Most papers with original wrapps. bound in, bound in gilt lettered cloth, spine faded and bumped. Ofprints of ‘The Geographical Journal’ etc.
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