Randle, John & Rosalind (Editors).


Number Thirteen, Winter 1993. The Whittingham Press ..., Risbury 1993.
1st Ed. Sm. 4to. [vi] + 234pp. Tipped in ills. many colour, ills., plates. Ex.-libris J.E. Nuñez, original stiff wrapps., sl. rubbed d/w. One of 835 Copies bound in stiff covers of a larger limitation of 925. With 26 articles including Épinal’s Imagerie The Poichoir Image Factory of France by Peter Allen; Les Images d’Épinal - Une Spécialité des Vosges by Peter Allen; The Vine Press 1957-1963 by John Dreyfus; The Caslon Type Foundry in 1902 Selections from an Album by James Mosley; John Johnson and the Treyford Type by Peter Foden; The Merrymount Press, a Centennial Reassessment by Jerry Kelly; A Cancelled Performance An Abortive Golden Cockerel Edition of Gordon Craig’s Preface to ‘A Production’ by Roderick Cave; Paper Makes Money Makes Paper by Maureen Richardson; Ctreating Priner’s Flowers by David Bethel; My Justification by Nicolas Kis and Colin Banks; Type, Inking, Impression by Phil Abel; Architecture and Typography in Denmark by Alan Powers; A Printer’s Dilemma Introducing ‘A Printer’s Dozen’ by Sebastian Carter; A Printer’s Dozen by Philip Gallo; A Stickful of Nonpareil by George Scurfield; Ceremonial Papers by of the Chinese Part Two by Roderick Cave; The Oxford University Press and Robert Proctor’s Greek Types by J.F. Coakley; Richard Wood and the Talbot Press by Mark Arman; The Bengali Types of Vincent Figgins by Fiona Ross; Private Press Books 1992 a Review by David Chambers; Book Reviews; A Bibliography of the Vine Press by David Butcher; A Type for all Seasons by Alan Dodson; Memories of a Ditchling Childhood by Susan Faulkner; James Guthrie, the Pear Tree Press and Edward Thomas by Richard Emeny; John Petts and the Caseg Press, 1937-1951 by Alison Smith.
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