[Defoe, Daniel].


Purg’d from the Errors and Partiality of News-Writers and Petty-Statesmen, of all Sides. [Vol. I] Numb. 12 Saturday, April 15. 1704. pp.(61-64). [Vol. I] Numb. 13. Tuesday, April 18. 1704. pp.(65-68). [Vol. I] Numb 14 Saturday, April 22. 1704. pp.(69-72). Vol. II. Number 57 Saturday, June 2. 1705. pp.(153-156). Vol. III Numb 73 Tuesday, June 18, 1706. pp.(289-292). (cropped with loss to page nos, to head). Vol. III Numb 80. Thursday, July 4. 1706. pp.(317-320).
Sm. 4to. 6 issues. stitched together in no particular order. Drop titles. Browning, disbound. ESTC P1863. ‘Three times a week, 17 Mar.-27 Dec. 1705. Former pub. freq. Semiweekly, 1 Apr. 1704-1 May 1705. Written and edited by Daniel Defoe. Issues have subtitles which vary. Place of publication assumed by cataloger; imprint years from colophons. Pagination and register continues from previous title and, along with the numbering, begins anew with the issue for Tuesday, February 27. 1705. With added collective title pages for 1704 (without vol. no.) and 1705, both dated 1705 and accompanied by prefatory material; the title page for vol. 2 is also accompanied by an index. Issues up to Vol. 2, no. 22 (Tuesday, April 24. 1705) include sections variously titled ’Mercure scandale: or, Advice from the scandalous club’, ’Advice from the scandalous club’ and ’Advice from the scandal. [sic] club’. Description based on: [Vol. I.] Numb. 8. (Saturday, April 1. 1704.); title from caption. Latest issue consulted: Vol. II. Numb. 127 (Thursday, December 27. 1705.). Burney2008 SHM; NCBEL, II:1343; McLeod, W. and V. Graphical directory, 1702-1714, p. 29, 47-48; Times handlist, p. 35; Numbering note Numbering continues from previous title; numbering begins anew with the issue for Tuesday, February 27. 1705, with each issue bearing "Vol. II" at head.’
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