Oman, Charles C.


From the collection of ... 1890-1950.
3 vols. 8vo and large 8vo. Collected together by Oman, volumes numbered 1 3 and 5. Ills. Together rebound in gilt lettered cloth, vol. 1 faded. Oman’s volume some of the papers authored by him, and with odd piece of correspondence etc. loosely inserted. Including The Goldsmiths of St Albans Abbey during the 12th and 13th Centuries by C.C. Oman, John Cooqus Silversmith by P.A.S Phillips, Some Notes on the early Goldsmiths & Bankers to the close of the seventeenth century by F.G. Hilton Price, Tables of bullion coined from 1377 to 1550 by Mary E. Stokes, A newly discovered English mediaeval chalice and paten by H.P. Mitchell, Some silver connected with Catherine of Braganza by Charles Oman, Nicholas Parry and Simon Segar by Master Sir Leonard Stone, A Galway freedom box of 1771 by G.A. Hayes, Old Church Plate of Kilkenny City of R. Wyse, Memoirs of St Dunstan in Somerset by Dean Armitage Robinson, The plate of Bunbury Cheshire by Sir Leonard Stone, Old Church plate and some of its problems by Charles Oman, A Bronze grave chalice from Hexham Priory Church by W. Cripps, etc.
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