Johnston, Alexander Keith.


(Southern Sheet) With an inset map of the South-Eastern Provinces of India (Hindu Chinese Countries or Further India). Including Ceylon and the Lakkadiv Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. British Territory tinted Red, Protected States Yellow. Showing Railways and Canals. Sites of Battles 1803. Heights in English Feet. Sub Telegraph lines shown in blue. 6 scales. Engraved Printed and Published by W. & A.K. Johnston Edinburgh 1883.
Coloured in outline, light central crease, glazed using acrylic with pine frame, measuring 65cm x 53cm including frame, in very good order. From ‘The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography’ Exhibiting in a Series of Entirely Original and Authentic Maps, the Present Condition of Geographical Discovery and Research in the Several Countries, Empires. and States of the World.
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