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Books as décor

If you’re looking for books for decorative purposes such as furnishing a home, a shop or for use as props in photo shoots and theatrical productions, we can help!

We have a huge range of 19th century bindings on offer including baskerville, classic, leather and cloth, all at very competitive prices. We can also supply paperbacks and newer looking books in large quantities.

We can select books according to size, colour, style or other specifications and can meet your requirements quickly.

The books are normally held at our Hay-on-Wye shop but we can deliver the books anywhere in the UK for free. We can also have samples sent to you to view.

Our clients include the retailers Hackett who use our books to decorate their various international stores, Saatchi, Versace, etc. We can offer bindings for as little as £4 per volume.

Please contact Greg Coombes on 01497 820071 sales@francisedwards.co.uk

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“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” —Garrison Keillor